COVID-19 RESPONSE: Ration & Food Distribution

Life is impossible without water

Covid-19 had put everyone’s life in jeopardy and brought enormous suffering on the humanity. It declared National Emergency. The Organization was able to distribute cooked food and distributed to the needy migrating labour people to overcome their hunger, while going back to their home towns.

The poor families were also supplied with ration supplies for survival. We were able to extend our little hand to eliminate the suffering.With limited emergency relief budget,during Lockdown, we have provided groceries and vegetables to more than 1500 poorest of poor and vulnerable families living in Urban Slums, Rural Villages and Tribal Hamlets in Suryapet District, Telangana.

We have suddenly called for Ad hoc Board Meeting and designed this programme, to aid and supplement the efforts, by actively implementing the envisaged activities with a motto to alleviate suffering and save lives of the poor people from pandemic Covid 19 for the families in risk and distress. Apart from this, we have also provided Bicycles to migrant labour to reach their home towns in Maharashtra and other parts of the Country. The project is implemented by collecting funds from local Individual Donors and completed it on time.