Strategically focusing to build sustainable and resilient communities from impoverished, vulnerable, Marginalized communities, having less resources, we have successfully worked to uplift the weakest capacities, leaving no one behind. We as a collective power are creating systematic change for a sustainable future for all the inhabitants of under developed remote rural villages of Telangana State and Andhra Pradesh, focusing on the following areas for their socio-economic development and equal opportunities for all to lead a better-quality life

• Capacity Building and Skill Development Trainings to the marginalized communities
• Water & Sanitation
• Aged Elderly Care by providing Food, Clothing, Shelter and Medicines.
• Adolescent & Youth Empowerment
• Child Labour Eradication, their Welfare and Rights
• Dalit & Tribal Socio- Economic Empowerment and Rights
• Agriculture- NPM and Organic and Farmers Field Schools
• Education- Adult, Boys & Special emphasis on Girl Child Education, PWDs
• Emergency and Hunger Relief, Rehabilitation Services during Natural Disasters, Calamities, Pandemics and Pestilences
• Environment & Climate Change
• Health Care
• Income Generation and Eco-Friendly Livelihoods
• Nutrition and Health Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS
• Orphanages & Old Age Homes
• PLHIV and PALs Health Care
• PWDs Empowerment.
• Widows Welfare
• Women & Girls Empowerment - Education, Social, Economic, Health and Legal, Gender Equality & Rights