Child Labour Eradication, and their Welfare and Rights

Awareness Programme to Rescue Vulnerable Child Labour

“Don’t Be Wild, & Force Work on A Child”

Child labour is one of the grave problems faced by the Indian society from a long time. It has been around for decades. We have rescued more than 240 vulnerable children from the streets, public places seen begging, rag picking, working in hotels, agricultural farms, anti-social activities, girls working as maid servants and also in the farm fields. This Program was run throughout the year to rescue children round-the-clock from Bus Stands, Railway Stations in Suryapet District, Telangana State.

We counsel the Children, provide basic education and enrol them in Regular Schools to streamline them with other children. This program has reduced the mental, physical, social and morally harmful nature in these children in Suryapet District, Telangana State, India. The project is implemented by collecting funds from local Individual Donors and completed it on time.