Environmental Awareness Programmes

“Save Environment, Save Life”

We have conducted inspirational and informative seminars to more than 1000 College Students on environmental pollutions, in Junior and Degree colleges inTelangana State. Apart from the seminars “Awareness Camps” for more than 1000 school children in Suryapet District. Apart from that we have conducted 2 awareness camps in 5 villages of TirumalagiriMandal of Suryapet District to educate the inhabitants about the pollutants and protection from pollutants.

We have explained about the nature, Importance of Ecological Balance, Importance of wild life in human life, Environmental Pollutants, fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection from pollutants. Drawing competitions, Essay Competitions were conducted in Schools to educate the children to become future non-pollutants and also to educate their parents and family members to create a brighter future for everyone. During these programmes we have enrolled the college students as stewards of environment protection to respect, protect and preserve the natural world.