Training Agriculture Farmers in NPM Methods and Organic Farming.

“Agriculture: With a Difference, New Perspective & New Skill”

To increase the small and marginalized farmer productivity, and to provide gains by reducing poverty, increase nutrition in Agri-Production, improve knowledge and increase income of farmers with better, faster and cheaper services, we have provided 100 small and marginalized farmers trainings in Suryapet District, Telangana on Organic Farming, NPM methods, Azolla Fern Cultivation, Vermicompost, Panchagavya etc.,emphasizing onmulti-crop cultivation and vertical farming methods.

These farmers were also trained on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to make them learn the importance and key role of knowledge exchange, targeted recommendations, market integration and access to finance to make agriculture a profitable enterprise to attract their children and youth in our society.

All these 100 Farmers were sensitized about the ill effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on crops, and its effects on soil and environment, human and animal health. They were sensitized through KalajathaArts and lectures by the experts in the field of agriculture from Agriculture Station, from Nalgonda District, Telangana State, India. These 100 farmer families are from Suryapet District, Telangana State, were actively involved in this project. Around 200 acres of land was cultivated through organic farming method. These 100 organic farming families were benefited in various methods enhancing their knowledge, skills, and economic status, social perspective through us. The programme was implemented with our Local Individuals Donations and SPDS Contributions.