Vocational Skill Development Training Programme

“Training Youth for Life to is Empowering Rural Economy”

To economically empower the impoverished semi-literate 300 Dalit and Tribal Girls, they are trainedin Tailoring and Garment design and stitching, at our established Training Centres. These Training Centres have provided few of them with jobs in the nearby readymade garment industry and others started their own micro enterprise earning a better livelihood with dignity.

To enable 300 young boys and girls fromoppressed rural vulnerable community’s College Drop-Outs, we have nurtured them withCertificate Course in Computer Operations and Soft Skills. We have provided these trainings asemployable and marketable skills to give them an opportunity to steer their lives towards a more promising future by making them Self-Sustainable&Self-Reliant. This created, nurtured and transformed their lives to support and contribute financially to their families. The trainings made them financially independent and self-reliant with respect to lead a good dignified life in the society.The program was implemented with our Local Individuals Donations and SPDS Contributions.