Poverty and Hunger Eradication Programme

“Creating lasting changes in the lives of Poorest of the Poor and those in dire need”

The endemic unemployment, Drought food insecurity, poor nutrition and illness leading to increase of Poverty. Due to failure of monsoons and prevailing of drought conditions in these areas the agricultural sector was affected. Many farmers were not able to sow the seeds and are in bad debts. The landless are going to migration more than half of the year due to drought conditions. It was noticed that, due to severe drought conditions prevailing in the area, most of the small and marginal farmers of the area are becoming land-less due to crop failure, bad debts and are selling their land or keeping in barren etc.

We have implemented 50 Asset Building Community Development Model with special emphasis on income generation Micro Enterprises for the beneficiaries. All of them are small and marginal farmers with quality inputs, implements, trainings, poultry birds breeding, Diary farming and, market access.